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Parents night out is Finished for the Summer!  Please look at our Summer camps offered and check back for more fun!

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Not Now

So the other day I called out to my mom, and I was like MOM!  You have got to see this cat video on the computer!  An and she said “Not right now, I am busy”  UGH!  

It took me back to my childhood

Do you parents say that to you, “not right now”?

Doesn’t it make you mad?


Now in defense of parents everywhere,  there is usually a good reason they ask you to wait.  Maybe you interrupted them when they were talking or working,  Or you you wanted a snack but they told you not right now because it is almost dinner time.

SO, It is not that you you were asking for the wrong thing but than likely your timing was off.

And timing is very important.


Something like this happened in the bible story that we are learning today.  


A man named Lazarus, who Jesus loved very much, was very sick.  His sisters Mary and Martha sent for Jesus to heal him And Jesus said “Not Right Now” to the sisters.


And he stayed away another 2 days!


I don’t know about you, but I would have been so mad!   He was supposed to love Lazarus!

Don’t you think he should have rushed to Lazarus, and healed him?  


Well, When Jesus Finally got to Lazarus’s home he had been dead for 4 days already!  Mary and Martha were so upset, and even said to Jesus, “If you would have been here, you could have saved him, he wouldn’t have died!”


Just like your parents say not right now for a good reason.  Jesus had a good reason too.  But he had to wait for God’s perfect timing.  So he waited for Lazarus to die so he could show God’s power over life and death.


You see, the people with Jesus, his disciples and Mary and Martha,  they doubted Jesus a lot.  They often forgot who he was.  So jesus used the death of Lazarus to remind everyone who he is and how great our God is.


Jesus said open his tomb,  Martha even warns Jesus,  It is going to stink he has been dead for 4 days,

but Jesus reminds her to believe in the glory of God. and they rolled away the stone in front of the tomb.

Jesus says  “Lazarus come out!”   And he did!  Jesus brought him back from death.


So just like Jesus reminded Martha to believe, Jesus wants us to believe too.  We have to remember that timing is important but also God’s timing is all that matters.


You must trust God’s timing, because he is arranging all the pieces of your life so they will come together.  And you can live the life God has planned for you.


Dear God,– Thank for loving us— help us to be patient—– and trust in your — timing and plans—– for us.

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Happy New Year!

I love the New Year.

I am always so excited to start over again.    After all that is what a new year is for,  NEW BEGINNINGS.

Every Year People make new year’s resolutions.  Who can tell me the most popular New Year’s resolution is?   It is to lose weight!  I know that it is in my top 5 new year’s resolutions.    People must not be very good at their new year’s resolutions though, be cause they have to start over again every year.  

If you all remember Last year My new year’s resolution was to become a vegetarian.. Does anyone remember that?  I think I lasted a month then, I decided that fish and eggs were ok….So I was a Pesci/ovo-arian. Then I decided cow meat was ok too, but maybe not chickens, since i have them for pets….I am not sure what “airian”  that was.  But by the end of Summer  I was a full fledged meat eater again.  I mean seriously?  Have you ever had publix fried chicken???   Who can resist??

But here we are again A New Year ready to start over.

A new beginning.

You know Jesus had a new beginning troo.  He had his new beginning when he was baptised!  And 3 very important things happened,

First,  the holy spirit came down from the sky in the form of a dove, and landed on him,

Second God Spoke, and said “You are my Son, I love you and am well pleased with you.

And third  that is when Jesus started his ministry.  He had not performed any miracles yet.

But now,  He had God’s seal of approval and was ready to go out and tell people of God’s love, and make miracles happen.  And People understood then, that he was the son of God and followed him.

God gives us many opportunities for new beginnings,  So we must make the most of them.  But the best and most important new beginning is remembering to follow Jesus,  and live like he has teaches us to do.

Let’s pray

Dear God,Thank you for new beginnings,  Help us to remember to Follow Jesus


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The Very First Grinch!



I’m sure that most of you have read the story of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” If you haven’t read the story, perhaps you have seen the movie. If so, you will remember how everyone in Who-ville loved Christmas. Everyone, that is, except the Grinch. The Grinch hated Christmas and made up a plan to spoil the joy of Christmas in Who-ville. His plan was to dress up as Santa Claus and go into Who-ville and steal all of their Christmas presents, all of their Christmas trees, and even the food for their Christmas dinner.


What a terrible thing to do! Do you know why the Grinch hated Christmas so much? Well, according to the story, it was because his heart was 2 sizes too small! He was so selfish that he hated to see anyone else who was happy and enjoying themselves. But, as you know, the Grinch’s plan did not work. Why? Because the people in Who-ville knew that the real joy of Christmas does not come from the presents, decorations, and food — it comes from a heart filled with love.


There all kinds of Grinches in our Christmas stories that are trying to steal Christmas.  There is the Abominable snowman in rudolph, and Scrooge in the Christmas carol.  But I WANT TO TELL YOU OF THE VERY FIRST GRINCH.  This “Grinch” was a king by the name of Herod.


After Jesus was born, wise men from the east came to Jerusalem and asked where they could find the child who had been born to be the king of the Jews. “We have seen his star in the sky and want to worship him” they said. When Herod heard about this, he told the men that when they found the child, they should come back and tell him where the child was so that he could worship him too. The truth is, Herod didn’t really want to worship Jesus, he wanted to kill him. Why? Perhaps his heart was too small! Herod was so selfish that he was afraid Jesus would become more popular than he was and perhaps even take over his kingdom.


Well, Herod’s plan to kill Jesus didn’t work. After the wise men found Jesus and gave him gifts, an angel told them about Herod’s plan and they went back home without telling Herod where they had found Jesus. An angel also appeared to Joseph and warned him of Herod’s plan and told him to take Mary and the baby Jesus to Egypt where they would be safe.


And so, we see that since the very first Christmas, Grinches have been trying to steal the joy of Christmas.  And you may meet a grinch trying to steal your Christmas joy. It will never work — unless your heart is too small. Make sure that your heart is big enough to share the love and joy of Christmas with everyone you meet — not just at Christmas — but all year long.

Dear Father, we thank you for the joy that Jesus brings. Help us to share that joy with everyone we meet. In Jesus Name we pray, amen.

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What time is it?

When I was a child in school, one of the things that the teacher taught us was how to tell time. We had a big cardboard clock which would allow the teacher to move the hands so that we could learn to tell time. The small hand on the clock tells you the hour and the big hand tells you the minutes. Do you know how to tell time using a clock like this? If the big hand is on twelve and the little hand is on four, what time is it? That’s right it is four o’clock. Most of us don’t use a clock like this anymore, most of us use a digital clock. A digital clock tells you both the hour and the minutes using numbers, such as 11:15. That’s much easier, isn’t it?

No matter what kind of clock we use, most of us look at it many times each day to check to see what time it is.  If we know how to tell time, we look at the clock to see if it is almost time for school to be over.  Or we look to see it it is time for our favorite television show.  Sometimes we look and notice it is past our bedtimes, and we hope our parents wont see so we can stay up and play a little longer!

This Sunday marks the beginning of a very special TIME called Advent. Do you know what Advent means? The dictionary says that advent is “the coming of something very important.

Can you tell me what is coming that is so special?  CHRISTMAS!

Yes, we are looking forward to that, the birth of Jesus is very special.

But did you know we are looking forward to the coming of another very important event?

It is The return of Jesus!

The Bible says….No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only GOD the Father. So you also must be ready, because the Jesus,  will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”

” Wow! If we don’t know when he is coming, how are we going to be ready?

By doing the things that Jesus would want us to be doing — loving one another, caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, and helping the poor. If we are doing those things, we will be ready when he comes.

Come to think of it, those are also the very same things that we should be doing to get ready for the celebration of Christmas! Instead of thinking about what we are going to get, we should be thinking about what we can give.

Dear Jesus, we look forward to the day when you return. Help us to live in such a way that we will be ready when you come. Amen.



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MOPS meets the first and third Wednesday of the month, starting Sept. 21st, and includes MOPPETTS (childcare). for children ages birth to 1st grade.  For 2nd to 5th graders, Dr. Jim Cochran offers the Alleluia Choir.  Child check in starts at 5:15 pm and Mops will go to 7:00 pm. Spaces for the moppets  is limited so please make a reservation for children early.

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